Central Illinois Proud: Peoria’s Ronald McDonald House needs donations to stock its suites, shelves

By Janie Bohlmann

PEORIA, Ill. — The Ronald McDonald House of Central Illinois needs donations for its suites.

CEO Kelly Thompson says they’re only around 65 percent stocked and would like to be 100 percent.

“Those donations are so important to create this home-like experience here, so that all of the supplies and all of the items that a family needs when they are staying with us, as long as needed, free of charge, we are just making it easy for them,” said Kelly Thompson, the CEO for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois.

The house opened in December and houses 22 families.

It’s a place where families with children receiving treatment stay...

Donations from the wishlist can be made online. The Ronald McDonald House in Peoria is registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, and Amazon.

“It’s a great way for anyone to get involved with our Ronald McDonald house here in Peoria, by donating items from our wishlist. It can be a box of wipes, Lysol wipes to items that we need every day like a supply of laundry detergent,” said Thompson...

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Community News About RMHC Central Illinois’ Grand Opening

We share some community news about our Grand Opening and the volunteers who helped get us there.

Ronald McDonald House is now open in Peoria

December 16, 2019

... A ribbon cutting was held Monday with members of the community and the Ronald McDonald House board of directors, local legislators and many others in attendance.

"We hope we can just turn this into volunteer support in the future... So, now we hope they find a way to come back and visit us again," said Melissa Skinner-Liberman, member of the board of directors.

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Peoria community celebrates opening of Ronald McDonald House

December 16, 2019

... It took just over a year for the building to be completed, with groundbreaking back in September 2018.

The 22 rooms can be expanded – if they notice a need to help the community on a greater level, they are prepped to build 12 more....

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A Pathway to Hope: The Building of Peoria’s Ronald McDonald House

December 16, 2019

... The brand-new location is roughly 40,000 square feet and is located on the corner of Spalding and Monroe in downtown Peoria. It has 22 bedrooms and will serve over 700 families annually....

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Cancer survivor excited about Peoria Ronald McDonald House opening

December 13, 2019

.. Organizers say the fabric of local networks helped sew the project together. Dr. Kamlesh Macwan of Asian Indian Community Collaboration contributed time and money.

“Asian and Indian Community of Peoria wanted to give back to this community. The mission of the Ronald McDonald House and the mission of the Asian Indian community is family-centered,” said Dr. Kamlesh Macwan....

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Stark County students help prepare Ronald McDonald House for opening

December 12, 2019

... Around 15 students from Stark County High School spent the day making sure it will be ready to open next week.

They lugged mattresses up stairs and into rooms and cleaned up some of the leftover construction mess.

The group organizer said they know people from Stark county who might need to sleep on some of these beds.

“It has impacted us around our community and it also teaches them to give back and being from such a small community it’s really important for them to learn how to do that,” said Kale Rouse, founder of Helmets and Heels.

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Ronald McDonald House Grand Opening One Week Away

December 9, 2019

...  "Right now it's really kind of a time where everything is happening at once, so things are getting finalized and cleaned up from the construction we've been doing for the last year...and all those final, finishing touches are going into place that you expect to see in the final house," said Jeremy Collins, the project manager for the architecture firm behind the project.

Collins has been on the job since it's inception--opening day marks about three years of work.

"This is an incredible opportunity, I meant to be part of this is a once in a lifetime chance, and seeing it come to life, its hard to put into words, exactly how you feel, it's awe-inspiring," added Collins....

"Probably the most unique obstacle is fitting everything they wanted into such a small site, so we're sitting on less than half an acre, and we've got a 40,000 square foot building," he said.

Collins also says maximizing space is only of the many things they achieved during the build, "We have touched everyone from the arts community to the women's club, to Keep Peoria Beautiful, everyone has come together and contributed."

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Local family uses their experience at Ronald McDonald House to help plan Peoria location

December 15, 2019

... For the LaDage family, the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, Tennessee had a huge impact on their lives, and they’ve used that experience to help plan the Peoria location.

Carson LaDage was diagnosed with brain cancer while he was then four-years-old. His treatment eventually brought his family to Memphis where they stayed at the house.

... Now, Carson is 13 and he helped make plans for the Peoria location. His time staying at the Memphis location allowed him to understand what kids need during treatment, which includes a little fun.

“Because we’ve stayed in the rooms, we knew some aspects of what’s important, what’s needed, and what wasn’t, but also for the game room, because it was so important to his stay in Memphis,” said Darla LaDage.

Carson remembers playing with his friends and enjoying their time in the game room.... The game room is fun and exciting, but an important part of a kid’s stay, reminding kids that they’re still kids, even through sickness....

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Olson family shares their stories of staying at a Ronald McDonald House

December 10, 2019

... Families like the Olson's of Morton stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago while their daughter Lena undergoes treatments at Shriners.

The Olson's said the Ronald McDonald House has been a big help in keeping Lena’s brother Jack entertained – especially on the basketball court.  “I like to shoot hoops!” said Jack.

“So, he thinks the Ronald McDonald House is a vacation actually,” said their mother Tricia Olson. “He likes to go to Chicago to go there to the children’s hospital."

The Olson's plan to volunteer at the Peoria Ronald McDonald House and assist families to make their stay more accommodating....

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Washington students put finishing touches on Ronald McDonald House with mural

November 22, 2019

Before [the Ronald McDonald House in Peoria] opens, some local high school students worked on its interior.

These artists are from Washington Community High School; they’re painting a mural in one special room on the second floor.

That space will be for children with weak immune systems.

“We wanted to have like, color blobs, like a lava lamp would look then have fun designs for the kids to have,” said junior Felecia Gutierrez.

“It’s a really awesome experience to know that these kids will enjoy and appreciate our art,” said junior Lauren Blackburn...

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See pictures on our website...

EP!C hosts its first pop-up shop of the holiday season

November 22, 2019

Ep!c hosted the first of five-holiday pop-up shops to benefit artists with disabilities at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie Friday.

“We recently made 190 pieces for the Ronald McDonald house, so they picked the types the colors the style and we implemented those,” Schreck said. “So if there is something you see in the store but it’s not quite right for you, let us know and we can get something created for you”

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PeoriaPublicRadio.org: Look Inside Peoria’s Newly-Opened Ronald McDonald House

Posted on PeoriaPublicRadio.org
By Dana Vollmer

After three years of planning and construction, Peoria's Ronald McDonald House has officially opened its doors.

The four-story building in the Medical District has 22 suites available for the families of children receiving care at any area hospital.

Each of the Peoria Ronald McDonald House's 22 suites have a different theme selected by the donors who helped fund the project.

Leaders of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois say this project means families will no longer have to question where they're going to stay, where their next meal is going to come from or how they’re going to afford it.

Julie Locke is a RMHCCI board member and founder of the DAX Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping families and children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Her son Dax passed away in 2009 from leukemia.

"What I think about the most is the impact — the impact this has had on my grieving heart personally, the impact this is going to have on our community, who are going to be the hands and feet serving these families who come in with heavy burdens," she said...

In addition to the private rooms, the Peoria House features several community spaces — like art studios, game rooms and playhouses — meant to give families a place to build friendships and offer comfort to one another.

Don Forrest, vice chair of the RMHCCI board, said the facility was designed with both privacy and fellowship in mind.

"There are going to be times when you don't want to be around other people — you want quiet and solitude, to be contemplative and to be with your family," he said. "Then there's also opportunities to have a lot of fun...."

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Peoria Ronald McDonald House® Grand Opening – December 16, 2019

Peoria Ronald McDonald House® Grand Opening on Monday, December 16, 2019 at 401 NE Monroe Street, Peoria, IL. Ribbon cutting 11am.

Thank you for joining us on Monday, December 16th for Our Peoria Ronald McDonald House® Grand Opening!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was at 11 a.m. and we had tours and refreshments throughout the day! It was a fantastic day as families, donors, supporters and friends all gathered at the Peoria Ronald McDonald House to unveil this three-year-long labor of love in an all day celebration.

See images from the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting in Our Gallery...

See more videos of the Grand Opening Celebrations on our Facebook page...

Community News About RMHC Central Illinois' Grand Opening...

The Ribbon Cutting!

Location: 401 NE Monroe Street, Peoria IL

Date: Monday, December 16, 2019

Ribbon-Cutting: 11:00 a.m.

Public Open House: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Download the Grand Opening Flyer... (PDF)

Looking for ways to help RMHCCI?

Buy an item from our wish list at rmhc-centralillinois.org/wish.

Help us reach our goal of $10.9 million for the Peoria House Campaign...

Spread the word by posting about the Grand Opening and Phone-A-Thon on social media. Find messages and images for social media on our Social Media sharing page...

Tune into Our WEEK-TV Phone-a-thon on December 16

Spread the word! December 16 we’re holding an all-day Phone-a-thon on WEEK Channel 25! We’ll be coming to you with stories and updates throughout the day as we rally to raise even more funds for the Peoria Ronald McDonald House. Read more about the event...

Tune into Our WEEK-TV Phone-a-thon on December 16

Spread the word! December 16 we’re holding an all-day Phone-a-thon on WEEK Channel 25! We’ll be coming to you with stories and updates throughout the day as we rally to raise even more funds for the Peoria Ronald McDonald House and the families it will serve.Spread the word! December 16 we’re holding an all-day Phone-a-thon on WEEK Channel 25! We’ll be coming to you with stories and updates throughout the day as we rally to raise even more funds for the Peoria Ronald McDonald House and the families it will serve. We are so proud to finally start welcoming families in need to our new home in the heart of the medical district.

For those who plan to volunteer, this PDF has a bit of information regarding Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central Illinois, as well as some frequently asked questions & answers regarding the Peoria Ronald McDonald House. Please review the information and familiarize yourself with it before you begin taking phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions Peoria House Phone-a-thon... (PDF)

Washington High School Faculty and Students Paint Dax’s Playroom at the NEW Peoria Ronald McDonald House®!

On Friday, November 22, 2019, several Washington High School faculty and students came to the Peoria Ronald McDonald House® to hand-paint their mural in Dax's Playroom on the second floor.

We can wait to see the whole room completed!

Check out their work below:

See more at our Facebook page:

Peoria Ronald McDonald House® Housewarming – December 8, 2019

Join us at our Housewarming hosted at the Peoria Women's Club at 301 NE Madison Ave. on Sunday, December 8! Refreshments will be served!

Those who bring an item from our wishlist — rmhc-centralillinois.org/wish — will get a sneak peek of the new Ronald McDonald House (shuttles will run every 30 minutes to and from the PWC and RMH).

Please RSVP to 309-401-2525 or rsvp@rmhc-centralillinois.org by December 4, 2019.

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