Thank you to the Asian Indian Community Collaboration of Peoria!

The Asian Indian Community Collaboration of Peoria provided this delicious meal for our families from Dac’s Smokehouse. It’s meals like this that keep our #families close.

Providing a home-cooked-meal is one way you can help families who often return to the Ronald McDonald House® exhausted after a long day at the hospital, and are grateful for this simple gesture. We welcome individuals & groups to participate!

Learn how you can provide a meal to our RMHCCI families here...

Emma had her Family close by at the Ronald McDonald House of Peoria, Illinois

This is Emma. She was born in 2007, with a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome. Prader-Willi is a complex genetic condition that affects many parts of the body. For many years, Emma was doing well and her parents and family had managed the syndrome with few issues.

However, in early 2020, her parents, who live in Danville, IL, noticed some changes, and Emma was rushed to the emergency room. After an examination, doctors decided that Emma needed to be transferred to OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, IL, which is about 2 hours from their home.

When they arrived at OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois, Emma’s parents learned that she was in heart failure and needed to be put in a medically induced coma. At this time, Emma’s life was hanging in the balance, and as her mom Chasity, explained, her condition changed minute to minute.

One of Emma’s nurses told Chasity about the Peoria Ronald McDonald House. After a short application process, Chasity was relieved to learn that they had a room to stay in at the House while Emma recovered. Instead of staying in the cramped PICU room, with a glass sliding door, Chasity and her family had a private suite where they could rest and recharge, without being far from Emma. As Chasity explained, the staff and volunteers at the Peoria House “think of everything and help you however they can. They even had a toothbrush and toothpaste for us, which was nice since we had left home in such a rush!”

Thankfully, Emma recovered and was able to go home, and today she is doing well. Families like Emma’s are who you help when you give a gift to RMHCCI today!

10th Annual Dave Cope “Swing for the Love of It” Peoria Golf Tournament – September 14, 2021

Registration for sponsorships of the 10th Annual Dave Cope "Swing for the Love of It" Memorial Golf Tournament is underway! The tournament will be held Tuesday, September 14th at Weaver Ridge Golf Club in Peoria (5100 N. Weaverridge Blvd., Peoria IL 61615). Registration starts at 9:00am, with a scramble-style tournament starting at 10:00am - consisting of 36 teams of four players. Dinner, live auction, and presentation of awards will immediately follow play.

For signage purposes, please complete sponsorship registration and payment by August 19, 2021. All team information is needed by August 30, 2021.
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8-year-old Fills Her Dad’s Truck with Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois

WASHINGTON (HOI) -- An eight-year-old from Washington completed her mission of 'stuffing her dad's truck' with pop tabs.

Jovie Kaeb collected thousands of pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois

Jovie Kaeb unloading pop tabs for RMHCCI from her Dad's truck.

In less than three months, Jovie Kaeb collected thousands of pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois.

The tabs she donated Friday afternoon came from all over the Tri-County area. Those tabs will be recycled for cash to ensure families have somewhere to stay when their children are sick.

Kaeb's mom said she's not done yet though, round two of 'stuffing her dad's truck' is underway.

Article written by Paige Blanzy, originally published February 26, 2021 at HOIABC.com.

Watch a Video of Jovie at HOIABC.com...

Learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois' Pop Tab Recycling Program...

Jana Rose & Rawley – “From the minute you walk into the House, it is the most beautiful, loving, supportive place”

Thirteen years ago, a little boy was born three months early. He came into this world weighing only two pounds, with two holes in his heart and two blood clots on each side of his brain. His name was Rawley Sisson, and his mom, Jana Rose, knew that they would have a long health journey ahead of them.

Today, Rawley continues to face medical issues, but more importantly, he is a vibrant teenager who loves Baby Yoda and playing video games. Due to his medical issues, which include heart, kidney, and lung disease, Elhers Danlos syndrome, autism, separation anxiety, Tourette syndrome, and PTSD, Rawley and Jana Rose are often in Peoria, seeing one of his 18 specialists at OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

For many years, Jana Rose’s parents drove Jana Rose and Rawley back and forth from Rock Island to Peoria every week, sometimes multiple times a week. In 2019, though, while eating dinner at Obed & Isaac’s to celebrate a successful procedure of Rawley’s, Jana Rose learned about the Peoria Ronald McDonald House that would soon be opening. Now, instead of having to make the long trip back and forth multiple times, Jana Rose was able to organize and schedule pre-surgery authorization tests, surgeries, and – starting in 2020, COVID tests – together, and stay at the Peoria House from the date of pre-work until after the surgery (or surgeries) were completed and Rawley was released to go home. To say the House has changed their lives and made difficult situations easier would be an understatement.

When asked about her favorite part about staying at the Peoria House is, Jana Rose said:

“From the minute you walk into the House, it is the most beautiful, loving, supportive place – mentally, spiritually, and physically. Everyone who works there completely cares about your child and your situation and wants to be sure that you have everything you need. They set you up with all of the basics (room, shampoos, meals), but then they also have extras, like a toy room for your child to pick out a new toy. They go every extra mile to make sure that while you are there, you and your child are able to forget about why you are staying there. When your child is sick, it is the most heart-wrenching thing you have to go through. The comfort that the House provides to you lifts so much of the weight of the pain, fear, and anguish of those times.”

Jana Rose also explained that, unless you have had a sick child or have been through this experience, there is no way for someone to understand that the little things, like a comfortable place to stay in, food, and entertainment, really become the big things. As she says, “Staying at the Peoria Ronald McDonald House is an escape. It is a miraculous place. Thank you to everyone – the staff, volunteers, and donors – for making the House what it is.”

It’s the Season of Giving! Make a Giving Tree donation!

This year, Ethan Allen Design Center in Peoria is hosting the Giving Tree to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central Illinois.

Choose one — or more — tags from the tree, purchase the item shown for the House, and drop off your donations at the Ethan Allen store, located at 5301 E. Landers Way, Peoria, IL 61615.

Tags available:

  • $10: Pack of Clorox wipes to sanitize House
  • $16: 2 pack of pillows
  • $25: Individually wrapped snacks for families to take to hospital
  • $25–$50: Gift cards for families
  • $50: Month’s supply of laundry detergent for families to use
  • $88: Provide one night’s stay at the House for a family
  • $125: Help provide dinner one evening for the families in our House
  • $1,936: Provide one night for the entire House ($88 x 22 family suites)

Porch pick-ups are also available.

To schedule a porch pickup, contact Susan Knox at 309-692-2889 or email susan.knox@ethanallen.com.

Happy Anniversary Peoria House!

Happy Anniversary Peoria House! We have made a positive impact in the lives of many families that have stayed at the Peoria House

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated wish list items and money, delivered meals, and made this possible — we wouldn’t be here without you! Despite the challenges we have faced, we have made a positive impact in the lives of many families that have stayed at the Peoria House. We’re looking forward to many more years of service!

To send a gift to the Peoria House, check out our wish lists!

We appreciate our Volunteers – meet Carol B!

How easy was it for Carol Bingham to decide to volunteer for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois?

“It was a no brainer for me to volunteer here.”

Carol is one of many RMHCCI volunteers and started giving her time in 2016. After retiring from a career that kept her busy, she needed something to do and knew all the good work that Ronald McDonald House® was doing in her community and for families from around the area. Carol coordinates the Guest Chef program and the Peoria House Pathway to Hope project and is always willing to lend a hand with other projects as needed. Read more about Carol and her favorite part of volunteering for the organization below.

When did you start volunteering at RMHCCI?

Spring of 2016 after I retired in January.

What made you want to volunteer at the House?

After working 60+ hours a week, I needed something to do.  However, I also knew of the good work that the Ronald McDonald House provided to our community, so it was a no brainer for me to volunteer here.

What type of volunteer work do you do at the House?

I coordinate the guest chef program in addition to doing computer work especially the Exceed program.  I also coordinate the ongoing brick project for the Peoria House.  Basically, I am willing to do anything that keeps me busy.

How has your role as a volunteer changed since COVID-19?

Per RMHC's COVID-19 protocol, I have not been able to come into the House like I like to.  However, while at home, I was still able to keep up my work on guest chef meals and the brick project remotely on the computer.  I have also been able to help keep Exceed updated with guest information from home too. I look forward to getting back to the Houses regularly again.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering at RMHC?

I not only enjoy the work I am doing knowing that I am productive for a great charity but I also have met so many nice people from staff, volunteers and guests who are awesome to work with.  I really missed them during those months of not being able to come into the House and see everyone.


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Visit our volunteer page to learn more!


Bently, Ashley, and John – Getting a helping hand at the Peoria Ronald McDonald House

By Luke Burdsall

PEORIA (WEEK) -- Since the opening of the Peoria Ronald McDonald House two months ago, families have already begun taking advantage of the opportunity it provides to families.

John Haneghan is a grandfather from Macomb whose pride is measured by how many pictures of his grandchildren he can store on his phone.

"I got one of him smiling... I just can't help myself. I took a dozen today. He's just so cute," John said.

Watch a video of this family's story at WEEK.com.

In December, he helped welcome three new grandchildren in the course of just one month, but one stood as a testament to life.

"He was diagnosed with VSD, large VSD, and Truncus arteriosus, and had a hole in his heart," said John.

That's when they discovered the helping hand of the Ronald McDonald House, which opened the same month Bently's journey of life began -- eliminating the cost entirely.

Baby Bently, post surgery. Photo via WEEK.com.

Ashley Hammit, the boys mother, said when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Bently, doctors found issues with his heart during a routine checkup.

This diagnosis forced her son to be hospital bound at OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria -- roughly 70 miles from home.

Ashley says the thought was frightening. She wanted him to have a fighting chance.

Now, just weeks old, Bently has already been through four surgeries -- the fight of his life.

"He's been such a fighter... such a fighter," John said.

Since birth, Bently has not left OSF St. Francis, where John and his daughter began staying in hotels just to be close.

John said each day brings different challenges, but Bently finds a way to reassure him that everything is OK.

"I don't know, maybe it's my voice, but he hears me, and he'll look for me, which makes it personal," said John. "... When he grabs my finger, it's like I'm being blessed... being touched by a little angel."

Ashley says, "Nobody likes to be alone, and I like that my dad comes up here and supports me, because there is bad days and there is good days and we can share that time together."

Staying in hotels brought a level of convenience for them instead of commuting the hour and a half each day, but the cost started to add up.

That's when they discovered the helping hand of the Ronald McDonald House, which opened the same month Bently's journey of life began -- eliminating the cost entirely.

"This journey so far with the Ronald McDonald House has been... it turned it all around. It's turned it all around... it's a blessing," John said.

He says their daily routine is by far less stressful.

"We usually try and get up around 7 or 8 o'clock. We usually try to grab coffee on the go, and try to be up at the hospital at around 9 a.m.. They have rounds that let us know how Bently is doing every morning," said John.

They spend about 8 hours a day with Bently, every day. John says from the hospital to the Ronald McDonald House, the support is constant when they go from one place to another.

"So, there's a support group there. Then we come here and they're just as supportive. Because sometimes you don't let your emotions show there, but you do here. It helps to talk to people, see other people, it's like a big family here," John said.

There at the Ronald McDonald House, they have a homey apartment -- food, laundry, and entertainment provided for them, as well as other residents and staff who they can talk to if needed.

"To have that, you know if my dad has to leave, there is other people to lean on too, you know," said Ashley.

The two are able to find joy in the small victories throughout each day -- seeing Bently, eating the meals provided for them, and even some things as simple as playing games to put them at ease.

"We'll play cards. We do enjoy playing a lot of Uno," John said.

"During the day we're mostly about Bently and stuff so to come back and still have that father-daughter bond and play, it's just really fun to do... Get our minds off of the whole situation with Bently and just relax," Ashley said.

With all that the Ronald McDonald House offers them, what John cherishes the most is having a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a moment looking through the pictures he takes each day.

"I share them with family of course. The ones who can't be here. So, it's always precious. I'll have them forever. It makes you realize how delicate life can be. You pray a lot, you pray a lot and when you are around people who are praying with you, it does give you a lot of hope," John said.

Originally Published February 12, 2020 on Week.com.

Photos via WEEK.com.

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